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We understand how important it is for your loved ones to maintain their independence and for you to have a peace of mind knowing they are ok. Aging comes with a number of challenges, which is why we’ve developed the mCareWatch that provides remote care giving.


As a registered NDIS provider, we’ve helped thousands of people with disabilities enhance their quality of life by using our mCareWatch personal mobile and alarm. We support Occupational Therapists, Agencies and Individuals with their care plans.


Personal safety isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Whether it’s the nature of your job that puts you in danger or your personal family environment poses a risk to your safety, our discrete solutions are supporting those in need. Your safety and privacy is important to us.

Introducing the mCareWatch

The mCareWatch Supports People with Disabilities

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“As my 93yr old father began to get lost in unfamiliar environments and could no longer use his mobile I sought a technical solution from Occupational Therapists at the Independent Living Centre. From the list they sent, I opted for the mcarewatch as the most useful

Dad quickly understood and slid his arthritic fingers across the watch face to reveal the picture of who he wanted to call. He then pressed their picture to make the call.
Answering incoming calls was sometimes difficult but a software update a week later eliminated this concern as calls are now answered automatically. In terms of follow-up service I couldn’t be happier.
I love this watch as my step mother and I can always reach dad to see how he is and we can see on the app on our phones where he is. It is so reassuring to know that when he’s on a bus trip and wonders off to look at something interesting he can call us and we can guide him back to safety. The SOS function works really well.
Dad recently had a fall while on his own in his workshop. The watch worked brilliantly as he could call from the ground. Help was arranged and then we could hear and talk to him till help arrived.
I absolutely recommend this watch.” Chris Fraser


“After a couple of years now wandering the world, I have had to bring my dad home to oz, and he is now residing up in a secure dementia unit. So it is time to end this service please.Thank you Mcare for the service. It has helped us a lot.

I even paid dad a surprise visit in Cambodia last year to check how things were getting on. And with his Mcare watch it was easy to track him down riverside at dawn one day in Phnom Penh! And the other time it was of great use was 2 years ago when I was sending him to/from Cambodia on his own (assisted passage) but was able to track him and talk to him while transiting in Bangkok airport.So thank you. I do recommend the capabilities of MCare Watch to others.” Mike Hughes


“I have been telling all my friends and family with elderly parents to look into purchasing the watch – it’s such a practical device and so reassuring for all concerned. We’ve been very happy with it to date.” Debra Marocchi


“I have been wearing the SOS Mobile Watch for close to two years and I’ve been very happy with it. I have only had to use the watch on one occasion when I had an emergency and it didn’t let me down. I managed to press the SOS button which called for help and my carer was able to organise the ambulance on my behalf. It’s a fantastic product which provides me with security and I’ve been telling everyone about it.” Murray Davidson

Bermagui, NSW

“After reading an article in the reputable Choice Magazine, we decided to purchase the mCareWatch for our mum. We loved the fact that she could wear it as a watch and that it would work when mum was out and about, not only in the confines of her house, as with some products. At any time, we could click on the mobile app and see where mum was. This was so reassuring, as she was living alone and her dementia was developing. If mum didn’t answer her watch when we called her (it worked similar to a mobile phone), we could get the watch to automatically answer, therefore we were immediately able to speak to mum. We didn’t utilise the SOS and geo-fence features, but we knew they were available with the watch. I’d also like to mention the after-sales support that we received from the mCareWatch team. Their assistance with setting up the features and answering all of our queries was invaluable. Everyone was so helpful! I totally recommend this monitoring watch: it gives family total peace of mind.” Karen Cook

Satisfied Customer

“Our inner-city Aged Care facility is home to three residents, proud wearers of the mCareWatch SOS Mobile Watches. Because of these wonderful devices, so much more than a mere watch, they can get about town again. They can meet friends, go to church or visit the pub, and all the while know we can find them and guide them home. Lost, confused, frightened? No more! They now feel free AND safe! It’s no exaggeration to say that their quality of life has improved dramatically, thanks to their SOS Mobile Watch.” Ross Conlan

Director of Nursing/Manager, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (Frederic House)

“The SOS Mobile Watch is an amazing and tremendous product and I believe you should receive a Nobel Peace Prize. I have been able to call mum at any time and she doesn’t have to press any button and I can still talk to her. When mum gets confused about what day it is she can still press the button on the watch and be informed. Many of our family and friends who are of a similar age to my mum wear the emergency pendants which only work while at home, while your SOS Mobile Watch works everywhere. I have spent quite some talking about the benefits of the watch to my family and friends. The SOS Mobile Watch has helped mum a lot and given her constant security all the time. It keeps us constantly in contact all the time.” Anah Epifanidis


“I have been using the mCareWatch since 2015 and have recently upgraded to your new model which is fantastic. It holds its charge well and is so easy to recharge. I just love it and have a lot of confidence using it. Thank you for all your help and advice.” Louise McDonough


“Could I please take the chance to sincerely thank you, and your team, for your wonderful service over a number of years now. You have provided enormous patience to mum and excellent support and I would like you to know how much this has been appreciated. This has been especially important in our context as mum is of course in Brisbane and we are in Canberra. Sincere thanks again.” Jill Charker


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your help and support during the three years we have used your product.

The mCareWatch “saved” us a few times while I was at work and as such it is an invaluable tool to support people at risk.

Thank you again.” Paul Willis


“Having an mCareWatch personal emergency alarm for my mother is pure peace of mind! I love the way I can call her and it is answered automatically. The staff are fabulous and extremely helpful!” Helen Savory


“I am very happy with the SOS Mobile Watch and think it is a wonderful product. My husband has dementia and is wearing the watch every day and I now feel a little more peace of mind knowing that he is wearing the watch. I am able to find out where he is through my mobile app and also call him and the watch automatically answers when I call which is great as he doesn’t need to remember to press any buttons on the watch. I am thrilled with the SOS Mobile Watch and only wish something like this was available when my mother was alive as she wore a traditional emergency pendant but I know she would’ve preferred wearing the watch.” Pam Woolfe


“The SOS Mobile Watch from mCareWatch saved my mother’s life. My mother was having chest pains and pressed the red SOS emergency button and it worked perfectly. I was at work at the time of the emergency and answered the incoming call from mum and was able to talk to her and find out that she needed help. After talking to mum I called for an ambulance and then called my mother back on the SOS Mobile Watch to reassure her that the ambulance was on the way and that I would meet her at the hospital. I’m so glad your product is on the market – thank you!” Lawrence Hawthorne

Hamilton, QLD

“The SOS Mobile Watch is a great idea and working very well. We have had the watch for a few months now and we have had to use the emergency SOS button several times and it’s working as expected.” Jan Madej


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