Our story

Being in business for us is personal. As a matter of fact, the whole reason we started the company is because of our father, Michael who wanted to maintain his independence as he was recovering from a stroke. He was living in his home and we were increasingly worried about his safety and wellbeing. The personal emergency alarms available at the time were falling short of our expectations when it came to quality and reliability so we had to take action. That’s how the mCareWatch came about back in 2012.

The ‘m’ in mCareWatch stands for ‘Michael’ and recognises our father as the inspiration behind the company.

What makes us different?

We are an Australian owned and operated business providing technology solutions to assist the elderly, people with disabilities and those concerned about their personal safety. We’ve realised early on that it was important for us to manage and maintain the end to end software development process in order to keep innovating for our customers.

As such, we’ve been able to perfect and customise our solutions to support thousands of individuals who rely on our technology for their day to day activities, independence and safety. We are also working closely with aged care providers, occupational therapists, disability agencies and family violence service providers who are able to assist their clients by using our technology.

Further to that, we are a tight knit team driven by a common purpose of wanting to leave a legacy and help those most vulnerable in our society. Our employees are regular volunteers and we often get involved in sponsoring community events. We embrace our team’s cultural diversity and advocate for remote and flexible working conditions.

Meet our team!

Peter Apostolopoulos

Managing Director

Peter Apostolopoulos is a founding partner and director. He is an eHealth consultant with diverse experience in the public and private sectors in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Peter also acted as Health Informatician at various Australian health agencies such as NSW Health and Queensland Health, before becoming the Lead Health Domain Consultant for the Information Technology Services arm of SingTel, NCS. He was responsible for delivering large-scale, mission-critical systems for the Ministry of Health in Singapore and the Department of Health in Hong Kong. Peter brings to mCareWatch the healthcare and IT knowledge to ensure we deliver on our vision of by becoming the leading caring and wellbeing eHealth platform in Australia. A member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia and the Health Information Management Association of Australia, Peter holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Sydney, for which he studied both Information Technology and Health Information Management.

Paul Apostolis (Apostolopoulos)

Co-founder and Director

Paul is a founding partner and director. He has 20 years’ senior marketing and sales experience in major media and retail companies both in Australia and overseas, including cosmetics leader Napoleon Perdis, KAO and Fairfax Media. His track record spans the conception, development, launch and ongoing marketing of a wide range of products in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Hong Kong. Paul brings to mCareWatch a deep understanding of how to successfully develop and market products in the highly specialised personal care category, along with the all-important proven execution discipline, business experience and commercial acumen that’s required to turn a “great idea” into reality. Paul holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University.

James Budiono

Technical Services Manager

James is an IT consultant with over 20 years’ of experience in the IT industry. His expertise spans technical consulting, system architecture, enterprise integration, to project management, presales and more. His marque projects include building applications for TSMC, leading the team that oversaw the development of the messaging system for the entire Singapore civil servants and the extensive multi-million-dollar web content management system for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). James brings to mCareWatch both his paramount belief in the cause and vision of using technology to assist people who need it the most – and his ability to deliver on it.

Nicole Maghamez

Customer Experience Executive

Nicole is a highly motivated and experienced customer service advisor, with over 25 years’ experience across a variety of customer support departments, including Healthcare, Hospitality and the Financial sectors of large corporations. Over the past decade Nicole was dedicated to the growth and development of improving financial strategies for Startrack and Australia Post that aligned company objectives with customer satisfaction.  Her innovative foresight into analyzing business challenges and offering effective solutions, has seen her navigate her career path to great success. Nicole brings to mCare Digital her passion for making a difference to those in need by providing a first-class customer experience. Her ability to resolve any queries or issues that may arise with compassion and understanding – will ensure our customers feel well supported at all times

Jarka Kunova

Director of Customer Experience

Jarka has over 15 years’ experience in strategy, operations and project management and has led operations for companies such as News Corp. She partners with corporates, SMEs and start-ups to help innovate, design and execute effective business strategies and solutions specialising in human centred design. In addition to her work at mCare Digital, Jarka is a Managing Partner at Necxus, a customer experience consultancy. She is a regular panellist with General Assembly and you can find her contributing to print and online publications writing about business and personal development.
Advisory Team

Advisory Team


mCareWatch has an expert panel of advisers from the health informatics, information technology, health and aged care sectors. Our advisory team help us to draw on the very latest in the evidence-based healthcare and technology fields to create accessible, relevant solutions that improve the quality of life of mCareWatch clients. That includes Australians with dementia and disabilities and their carers, those with chronic conditions and those who want our support in taking control of their own health and wellbeing.

mCareWatch Advisory Panel



  • Diane Parmagos, Aged Care Advisor
  • Vicki Bennett, Health & Welfare Advisor
  • Hugh Williams, Business & Management Advisor
  • Archie Achilleos, Technical & Network Engineering Consultant
  • Marcel Kalfus, Legal Counsel
mCareDigital is an Australian Owned Company
mCareWatch Australian Disability Service Award Finalist
mCareWatch NDIS provider