As the aging population continues to spark debate across Australia with concerns over social, economic and political impacts, growing fears for the safety and security of elderly community members also plagues on families minds with winter already seeing an increase in health problems.

Co-director and founder of mCareWatch Peter Apostolopoulos said that many older people and their families could be worrying less – and enjoying life more.

The specialist provider of e-health and mobile health solutions has just released its second generation SOS Mobile Watch SMW14, an all-in-one smart watch, mobile phone, location tracker and personal alarm that helps families stay connected and close to help if needed.

Mr Apostolopoulos said the watch was always evolving to meet market changes and expectations with the latest edition placing emphasis on its waterproof nature, delivering the first waterproof mobile personal alarm system on the market.

“Technology is constantly changing and being able to deliver the first waterproof smart watch on the market, at an affordable price point that provides healthcare solutions and peace of mind 24 hours a day, wherever there is a mobile phone connection or Wi-Fi is truly remarkable,” said Mr Apostolopoulos.

“Last year when we released the first version we were stunned by the uptake and the stories we heard from wearers and carers about the changes it made to their everyday lives.”

“The latest SMW14 watch is less obtrusive, less expensive and offers much greater freedom than old-style pendant alarms.”

The SOS Mobile Watch SMW14 is powered by the KORE Wireless Global M2M Network, Vice President and General Manager of KORE Wireless Asia Pacific, Shane Murphy said wearable technology was increasingly becoming the markets strongest selling point.

“Machine to machine technology is continuing to grow at a rapid rate with wearable technology seeing the greatest benefit – from smart glasses to smart watches, this is where the health industry is heading – and the mCareWatch is at the forefront of this technology,” Mr Murphy said.

“This market will strengthen in the coming months but buyers must be aware of products that may promise on features but don’t deliver. The rigorous product testing that the mCareWatch has undergone together with trialling across the market has shown that this product is continuing to exceed expectations with testimonials only strengthening the credibility of the product.”