Samsung is about business too

19th February 2017. By Ray Shaw

Samsung has a burgeoning business to business (B2B) side, using its understanding of how businesses can use technology in wearables, smartphones, and smart devices to custom design them for specific industries and applications.

iTWire interviewed Samsung Australia’s Martin Brown, head of Alliances and Partner Solutions at Samsung Business, and Peter Apostolopoulos, director of mCareWatch Australia that is using Samsung’s new Gear S3 smartwatch to improve aged care and independent living.

Brown began by saying, “People think of us as TVs and smartphones but our B2B offerings cover a broad range of sectors and provide an open ecosystems of smart solutions. We are in finance, sport, retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, logistics/transport, construction, and government.

“Mobility is leading the trend so smartphone, tablet, and wearable hardware enabled by our Knox solutions are most popular but we also have signage and display systems, and other solutions,” he added.

Brown demonstrated the Breezie that allows Samsung S2 Android tablets to use Knox to customise the “skin” and make it easy for aged care participants to use what may be otherwise daunting technology. He also pointed out the potential to integrate with other smart things to do remote monitoring and improve the quality of life for the aged.

Apostolopoulos showed off the new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch as a solution for independent living. Using its GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and LTE connectivity, it can track wanderers, remind and nag about pill-taking schedules, and send a detailed emergency SOS. Its text to speech functions can read emails and provide aural and haptic prompts for giving directions to vision impaired users.

“We could not have done as much with any other smart watch – the Gear S3 (it was originally based on the Gear S2) has so many features, great battery life, and, above all, its Knox security and customisation platform is unique for developers,” he said.

Brown said Samsung had established a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Programme (SEAP) to provide development partners with the platform and access to development tools and resources to create business solutions. Apostolopoulos commended Samsung’s developer support programme, not only in devices and platforms, but in introductions to like-minded developers and potential users.

The Knox platform has received high-level security certifications including a “Protection profile for Mobile Device fundamentals” from the Australian Signals Directorate and high-level certification from the US, Canada, UK, and Finland.

Knox customisation is said to enable enterprises to adopt purpose-built devices for businesses across all industries. The new mobility experience also offers employees a secure device for work and play. One booming area is Knox’s in-built biometric authentication such as fingerprints, voice, and iris to help the finance and government sectors. It is claimed to be able to protect enterprise data by building a hardware trusted environment.