IMPORTANT: All SIM cards for the mCareWatch are powered by the Telstra 4G Mobile Network.

Introducing the mCareWatch 

By purchasing the mCareWatch, you are not only getting Australia’s first 4G SIM-enabled personal emergency smart watch, but also the peace of mind knowing your loved ones wearing the watch can contact you anytime and call for help when required. 

The mCareWatch is connected to a software platform called ConnectiveCARE, which is 100% owned, managed and maintained by the team at mCare. Your personal information therefore is protected and safe.

Prices start at $499 for the mCareWatch personal alarm – we program, set up and activate your watch prior to shipping. This way taking the guess work out of ‘getting started’ with the watch arriving ready to use. Based on your service selection, additional mobile service charges and shipping fees apply. Check out the shop for more details.


Assistive technology

Everybody deserves to live their potential regardless of their limitations.

The mCareWatch personal alarm has been successfully integrated into lives of families with disabled children and young adults, dementia patients and adults who acquired a disability later in life. As a registered NDIS provider, we’ve helped thousands of people with disabilities live a fulfilling life.

Setup and ready to use

All devices are pre-set with the SOS contacts, a SIM card is pre-installed and device is ready to use.

How will that benefit me?

No need for carers to pre-set contacts, install SIM card and add credit. Device is ready to use and will operate as required with no need to monitor SIM card credit nor setup SOS contacts by sending SMS commands which may compromise your security and personal data.

Auto-answer and chat

Any pre-set contact listed on the device can call into the device, ring once and then auto-answer with the caller able to speak to the wearer.

How will that benefit me?

No requirement for the wearer to touch any buttons to answer an incoming call and especially if the wearer is incapacitated and unable to press any buttons.

GPS and Wi-Fi Location Tracking

Device includes GPS and Wi-Fi technologies, which provide the location of the wearer via the carer’s web portal and mobile app.
How will that benefit me?
Ability to locate the wearer both outdoors and indoors via an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app and no requirement to send SMS text command message to receive map location (like other pendants).

On Demand Location

The carer’s web portal and mobile app can provide the latest location of the wearer by simply pressing the on demand button.
How will that benefit me?
Carers can receive the real-time location of the wearer within seconds.

Low battery alerts

If enabled and setup – all SOS contacts will receive SMS alert when the device battery is low and needs to be recharged.
How will that benefit me?
Helps carers to ensure the device is always recharged and ready for use if necessary.

Unlimited Medication and Appointment Reminders

Carers have the ability to setup unlimited customised medication and appointment reminders for the wearer (via carer’s online portal)

How will that benefit me?

Device will automatically send and notify wearer via a voice annoucement of any medication and appointment reminders.

Certified IP67 water resistant

Device is certified to be water resistant for up to one metre for 30 minutes.
How will that benefit me?

Can be worn in shower where most of the falls occur and adds an addiitonal level of safety and support.

4G mobile network coverage

Every device has a pre-installed SIM card with a Telstra mobile number.
How will that benefit me?
Works on Australia’s largest mobile network that covers 99.4% of the Australian population.

Automatic SOS calls to pre-set contacts

Up to six contact numbers (mobile or landline) can be pre-set on the device, when the SOS button is activated.
How will that benefit me?

Device automatically dials the pre-set contacts and also will provide an alert (SMS) to pre-set contacts when an SOS call was made.

Carer’s Web Portal and Mobile app

Access to mCare’s ConnectiveCARE web portal and Mobile app, which allows carers to connect and access the device anywhere and anytime.
How will that benefit me?

Unlike other personal alarms, carers are able to change, update and configure the device settings via the web portal and not by sending SMS commands, which are a security flaw and allow anyone else to access the device information and location details.

Anti-Disturb Call Block Feature

The device can be set to only allow incoming calls from the pre-set and authorised contacts.
How will that benefit me?
Eliminates spam calls from unauthorised callers (e.g. telemarketers).


Rated # 1 Geo-fence in the CHOICE ‘Personal Alarms Review’, you can set up a geo-fence perimeter.
How will that benefit me?
mCare Geo-fence feature will send an alert to the SOS contacts when the device exits the pre-set geo-fence zone, which can be configured on the web portal.

Provides an alert notification to nominated SOS contacts when the wearer exits the geo-fence. SOS contacts will also receive an alert when the device is back inside of the geo-fence.

Speed Dial Contacts

Wearer can automatically call up to 6 different contacts by pressing photo of their nominated Speed Dial contact (photos uploaded via carer’s online portal).

How will that benefit me?

Device will automatically dial the Speed Dial contacts, making it easy for wearer to get in contact with loved one or carer.

Smartphone App

Realtime location finder for Anywhere, Anytime, Connected Caring

The mCareWatch smartphone app is the go-anywhere companion to the mCareWatch. Through the app, using GPS, mobile phone and WiFi technologies, you can access the ConnectiveCARE online platform and pinpoint the wearer’s position to within a few metres.

The mCareWatch app works with any iPhone or Android smartphone. It links with the ConnectiveCARE platform to give you:

  • Remote Watch Status
  • GPS Location
  • SOS Emergency Alarms
  • Geo-fence Detection
  • Tailored Medication Reminders
  • Receive Low Battery Alerts

Includes mCareWatch + Set-up

Plus select a Monthly or Annual Service Plan


Demo Locations Around Australia (by appointment only)


mCareWatch Pty Ltd Head Office Unit 109, 46-50 Kent Rd Mascot, NSW 2020. Note: Entry to our office is from the Coward Street, Mascot side. Tel: 02 80464860. Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:00pm. Our office is not a shop front and appointments must be made to view our products.

Independent Living Centre NSW Westpoint, Shop 4019, Level 4, 17 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148 Tel: 02 99125800

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LEEF Independent Living Centre 652 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South, VIC 3162 Tel: 1300 005 333. Open 9am -5pm Weekdays. Email:


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Indigo Solutions The Niche, Suite A, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6009 Tel: 08 93810600


What are the colour options for the mCareWatch?

The mCareWatch is available in black, however, the watch bands are detachable and can be replaced with a leather band or tan colour. Please note this is an additional price on top of the mCareWatch device.

What is the difference between the mCareWatch and your previous models?

The mCareWatch is a 4G (LTE), water resistant and most advanced connected smart watch available today. The mCareWatch application will enable the mCareWatch to do the following: make SOS calls, setup customised medication and reminder alerts, detect non-movement, geo-fence alerts, location tracking, monitor heart rate and share with emergency services and family, speed dial contacts that automatically call family member by pressing a photo of them. The mCareWatch application also includes access to the carer’s mobile app and web dashboard for family and friends.

Is the mCareWatch water resistant and can I wear it in the bath or while swimming?

The mCareWatch is rated IP67 water resistant and dust resistant which means you can wear the watch in the shower only but not in the bath or while swimming.

How long does the battery last on the mCareWatch?
Depending on what features have been activated – the battery should last between 24 to 36 hours. Please note, a poor mobile signal will drain the battery quickly.
How many carers can log into the carer’s mobile app and web dashboard (ConnectiveCARE)?
You can have up to five (5) carers log into the mobile app or ConnectiveCARE web dashboard.
Will my mum/dad have to carry a smartphone around with the watch?

No, the mCareWatch is a connected 4G device with its own SIM card and can operate without a smartphone. If your loved one has a smartphone, they could look at the watch replacing their smartphone and becoming a 3 in 1 (watch, mobile phone and emergency alarm).

What type of warranty do you offer with the mCareWatch?

We offer a 12 months warranty on the mCareWatch. Please review the warranty conditions under our Terms and Conditions.

What happens when the SOS button is pressed?
The wearer can activate an SOS emergency voice call by simply pressing and holding down the red SOS button on the watch screen or the bottom right hand button. When the SOS call is activated, the watch will automatically dial the primary carer’s contact number (mobile or landline), and the carer will answer the call and speak to the watch wearer. If the first SOS contact does not answer their phone within 10 seconds, the watch will then start to call SOS contact 2 and so on until the SOS call is answered. Up to 6 other family or friends can also receive an SMS message on their smartphone with a map location of the wearer when the SOS button was activated
Is it safe to wear the mCareWatch on the wrist?

The mCareWatch has passed all tests and meets all Australian standards in relation to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) standards under the Radio Communications Act 1992 and the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Can I change the watch face?

The mCareWatch has over fifteen different watch faces to choose from including analogue, digital, black background and white backgrounds.


How are credit card payments processed?
We use STRIPE as our online payment gateway. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your payment, please call 1300 188 557.
What details will appear on my credit card statement?
The name displayed on your transaction credit card statement will be ‘MCAREWATCH’
How will it be delivered?
We use Australia Post to deliver every order within Australia with a signature on delivery. If no one is home at the time of delivery, a card is left and the package will need to be collected from the nearest post office.


Will the mCareWatch work overseas?
Yes the watch will work overseas however, you will need to add a separate SIM card with global roaming. Please note the mCare SIM card will not work overseas.
How long does it take from ordering and payment to receiving the Watch?
Once payment has been received and if you live on the Australian Eastern seaboard you will receive the watch device within seven (7) to ten (10) business days and up to ten (14) business days for deliveries to WA, SA and NT.
What do I need to program and set up on the watch before it is ready for use?
When you purchase the watch, you will receive the watch with a pre-installed SIM card that that is ready for use. The SOS contacts will be pre-programmed and ready for use when it arrives. Carers will be able to change and update the pre-programmed contact numbers anytime via the Mobile APP or the Carer’s ConnectiveCARE platform.
What does my SIM card Data Plan include and what are my responsibilities?

The BASIC service plan includes a SIM card with 30 minutes of voice calls (outgoing) and 25MB of data per month. Additional charges apply if the watch wearer exceeds these minimum thresholds.

The STANDARD and PREMIUM Service Plans include unlimited voice calls and 1GB of data per month. Additional charges apply if you exceed the 1GB of data per month.



If I purchase the 12 Months Upfront plan and my father moves into palliative care can I cancel the service and receive a refund?
All purchases are final and no refund will be given for unused portions of your service subscription plan.
What are the payment options available?
All payments are made via credit card using the STRIPE payment gateway.

Call us on 1300188557 and we can take your order over the phone

Is it difficult to use the watch?
The watch is very easy to use for the wearer. All they will need to do is wear it on their wrist like any other watch and remember to press the red SOS button in an emergency situation. The watch has its own mobile number that anyone can call and speak to the watch wearer. When the watch’s mobile number is called, the watch will ring and the wearer can answer the incoming call by simply touching the green handset on the watch screen. When the call is answered, the watch will open up a loud speaker and the caller and wearer will be able to communicate. The SOS emergency contact, family speed dial contact numbers, photos, customised medication, appointment reminders and geo-fence are all activated by the carers via the online dashboard.
Do I need to use the Mobile App?
The Carer’s Mobile APP will be required for family or friends that would like to connect with the watch. When you download the Mobile APP (iOS and Google Play), as a carer you will be able to add and update the SOS emergency contact number, view the battery life remaining on the watch and to view location of the watch. The setup of customised medication and appointment reminders for the watch wearer and setup geo-fence perimeter area can be configured via the online dashboard ConnectiveCARE..
How do I download the Carer Mobile App?
The Carer Mobile APP is available to download FREE via the APP Store for iPhone and via Google Play for Android smartphones by searching ‘mCareWatch’. Carers can connect with the watch by simply downloading the mobile app on their smartphones.
What is battery life and how often does that watch need to be recharged?
The battery will last 24 -36 hours depending on what features are active and the usage of the watch. Other features such as the non-movement and geo-fence will also drain the watch’s battery. Please note, a poor mobile signal will also drain the battery.
How do you recharge the watch battery and how long does to take to recharge?
Your watch comes with a magnetic charging cradle and a USB cable, which can be used with a standard charger (5 V/1 A) to charge your watch.

NOTE: Charge your watch in a cool and dry place. Keep the charging port dry and clean before charging.

Connect the charging cradle to the charger using the USB cable. Place your watch onto the charging cradle. Align and attach the charging port to the magnets of the charging cradle. You should see the battery level on the watch face.

How does the wearer make a call out from the watch?
The wearer can make a call out by swiping the watch screen down and clicking on the green handset and swiping the watch screen twice. This will bring up a keypad and you will be able to enter the contact number and then press the green handset to make the call. The watch wearer can also call the speed dial contacts by simply swiping the watch screen (from right to left) and pressing and holding down on the speed dial contact’s photo, the watch will automatically dial that contact’s number.