Media Release

Sydney, Australia, 1st July 2014

The latest figures on Australia’s ageing population have sparked ongoing debates in social, economic and political spheres. But the personal toll that ageing and disability can take on ordinary lives can sometimes be overlooked amid all the noise.
However, according to Peter Apostolopoulos, co-director and founder of mCareWatch, a specialist provider of e-health and mobile health solutions, many older people and their families could be worrying less – and enjoying life more.
Mr Apostolopoulos’ comments came as mCareWatch released its second generation SOS Mobile Watch SMW14, an all-in-one smartwatch, mobile phone, location tracker and personal alarm that helps families stay connected and close to help if needed. The new smartwatch is the only waterproof mobile personal alarm on the market.
Refined and improved in line with extensive customer feedback and technological advances, the new smartwatch is an affordable solution that offers both wearers and carers the freedom, independence and peace of mind of instant connection with loved ones, 24 hours a day, wherever there is a mobile phone connection or Wi-Fi.
“Last year when we released the first version we were stunned by the uptake and the stories we heard from wearers and carers about the changes it made to their everyday lives,” said Mr Apostolopoulos.
Mr Apostolopoulos explained that the new SOS Mobile Watch SMW14 is far less obtrusive, less expensive and offers much greater freedom than old-style pendant alarms, which only work when close to a base station. Many of these older style alarms will also cease to work in areas where the National Broadband Network (NBN) is rolled out.
“People are more than happy to wear it because it is lightweight and looks like an ordinary watch. And they can wear it in the bath or shower where so many accidents happen,” said Mr Apostolopoulos, whose company has been working in close consultation with customers and clients affected by ageing and disability.
“The elderly, disabled and those with special needs have constant concerns about health and safety in their daily lives and in too many cases this seriously limits their confidence, mobility and independence,” he said.
“For families and carers, anxiety about the wellbeing of older or disabled family members adds further to a host of other worries: such as staying in full-time work to pay the mortgage while juggling the full-time load of caring for younger family members.
“After exploring this market deeply and looking for solutions to reduce the worry of people’s everyday lives we’ve come to realise that the technology is already there. It’s just a matter of thinking of creative ways to use it for what’s important – helping people stay connected.”
The SOS Mobile Watch SMW14 is affordable for any family and can be purchased online on an Outright with SIM card for $499* or on a Monthly with SIM card Plan for $49* (*Plus $99 setup activation and delivery fees).