mCareMate is a discreet personal alarm that can be independently worn without the need to connect to a base station or landline. It was developed after extensive consultation with individuals, families and organisations that support the elderly and people with disabilities, and builds on our existing suite of specialised caring technology solutions.

An easy-to-use, reliable and secure device with ongoing support and 24/7 monitoring service options.

In addition to our existing mCareWatch technology, we’ve launched mCareMate as an alternative personal alarm for those individuals who prefer a pendant. Unlike other emergency alarms, the mCareMate is a stand alone device with its own SIM card and connected to our ConnectiveCARE platform developed, managed and supported by our Australian based team.

Setup and ready to use

All devices are pre-set with the SOS contacts, a SIM card is pre-installed and device is ready to use.
How will that benefit me?
No need for carers to pre-set contacts, intsall SIM card and add credit. Device is ready to use and will operate as required with no need to monitor SIM card credit nor setup SOS contacts by sending SMS commands which may compromise your security and personal data.

Built-in, two-way voice communication

The device has a built-in hands-free microphone and speaker.
How will that benefit me?
The device is small and independent with no need for a base station or need to connect to a home landline.

GPS and Wi-Fi Location Tracking

Device includes GPS and Wi-Fi technologies, which provide the location of the wearer via the carer’s web portal and mobile app.
How will that benefit me?
Ability to locate the wearer both outdoors and indoors via an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app and no requirement to send SMS text command message to receive map location (like other pendants).

On Demand Location

The carer’s web portal and mobile app can provide the latest location of the wearer by simply pressing the on demand button.
How will that benefit me?
Carers can receive the real-time location of the wearer within seconds.

Fall Detection Alert & Sensitivity Adjustment

When the device detects a fall, it will beep three times and then automatically call the SOS preset contacts.
How will that benefit me?
SOS contacts can be called automatically without the wearer pressing any buttons, if the device detects a sudden fall. Device will also send an SMS alert to carers if it detects a fall. Carers can also adjust the sensitivity via the carer’s portal lowering the false positives that may be generated

Low battery alerts

If enabled and setup – all SOS contacts will receive an SMS alert when the device battery is low and needs to be recharged.

How will that benefit me?
Helps carers to ensure the device is always recharged and ready for use if necessary.

Certified IP67 water resistant

Device is certified to be water resistant for up to one metre for 30 minutes.
How will that benefit me?
Can be worn in the shower where most of the falls occur and adds an addiitonal level of safety and support.

Certified ‘Break-away’ Magnetic Safety Lanyard

The Safety Lanyard is magnetic and waterproof meeting all Australian standards.
How will that benefit me?
The nylon lanyard is designed to be worn at all times. The magnetic ‘break-away; safety clip adds additional safety for the wearer.

4G mobile network coverage

Every device has a pre-installed SIM card with a Telstra mobile number.
How will that benefit me?
Works on Australia’s largest mobile network that covers 99.4% of the Australian population.

Automatic SOS calls to pre-set contacts

Up to six contact numbers (mobile or landline) can be pre-set on the device, when the SOS button is activated.
How will that benefit me?
Device automatically dials the pre-set contacts and also will provide an alert (SMS) to all pre-set contacts that an SOS call was made.

Long Lasting Battery

Device has an in-built battery which lasts between 3-4 days (depending on what additional features are switched on).

How will that benefit me?
Wearer will only need to recharge battery twice per week and only taking 2-3 hours to fully recharge

Carer’s Web Portal and Mobile app

Access to mCare’s ConnectiveCare web portal and Mobile app, which allows carers to connect and access the device anywhere and anytime.

How will that benefit me?

Unlike other pendants, carers are able to change, update and configure the device settings via the web portal and not by sending SMS commands, which are a security flaw and allow anyone else to access the device information and location details.

Anti-Disturb Call Block Feature

The device can be set to only allow incoming calls from the pre-set and authorised contacts.
How will that benefit me?
Eliminates spam calls from unauthorised callers (e.g. telemarketers).


Rated # 1 Geo-fence in the CHOICE ‘Personal Alarms Review’, you can set up a geo-fence perimeter.
How will that benefit me?
mCare Geo-fence feature will send an alert to the SOS contacts when the device exits the pre-set geo-fence zone, which can be configured on the web portal.

Provides an alert notification to nominated SOS contacts when the wearer exits the geo-fence. SOS contacts will also receive an alert when the device is back inside of the geo-fence.

Easy-to-use recharger stand

All devices come with their own charging docking station, which takes 2-3 hours to fully recharge.
How will that benefit me?
The drop-in base charging dock is easy to use with easy one touch magnetic connection.

Belt Clip

An optional extra belt clip that allows the device to be worn on their belt rather than as a lanyard.
How will that benefit me?
Offers added convenience to wearer when the device is worn on the belt rather than around the neck.


Includes device, setup and activation PLUS 12 months service plan*


*Service Plan includes SIM card (SOS call + data) software & mobile app

How is mCareMate different from other personal alarms on the market? 

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There are a number of emergency pendants available on the market. Why should I select the mCareMate?

We are an Australian based company with over 7 years of experience selling assistive technology solution in this market. We are using the latest 4G technology and offer an easy-to-use, reliable and secure device with ongoing support.

We also setup every device and have it ready to use when it arrives, whereas many other alarms must be pre-set by you and configured using SMS commands, which expose your device to hackers and threaten your personal information and online security.

For the carers we offer an easy to use web portal and mobile app which allows you to update any settings and also keeps your personal data safe and secure in Australia. Other alarms use overseas software, which is not secure and your personal data could be hosted overseas (e.g. in China). Our software (web portal and mobile app) is owned by mCare and all data is hosted and managed in Australia.

Please click here to view the mCareMate v Other Pendant Comparison Table.

Will my mum/dad have to carry a smartphone around with the mCareMate?
No, the mCareMate personal alarm has its own SIM card and will work just like a mobile phone and there is no need to carry another mobile with it.
Is the mCareMate water resistant and can I wear it in the bath or while swimming?
The mCareMate is rated IP67 water resistant and dust resistant, which means you can wear the device in the shower only but not in the bath or while swimming.
What happens when the SOS button is pressed?
The wearer can activate an SOS emergency voice call by simply pressing and holding down the red SOS button on the front of the device. When the SOS call is activated, the device will automatically dial the first SOS Contact’s number (mobile or landline), and the SOS contact will need to press ‘1’ on their handset otherwise the device will end the call and automatically call the SOS Contact 2. Up to 6 family or friends can be pre-set as an SOS contact.
How long does the battery last on the mCareMate?
The battery will last between 3-4 days, depending on what features are switched on.
What is the difference between the mCareMate and the mCareWatch?

Click here to view the difference between the mCareMate and mCareWatch (comparison table).

What type of warranty do you offer with the mCareMate?
We offer a 12 months warranty on the mCareMate.
Is the mCareMate available in different colours?
The mCareMate personal alarm is available in black or white.
What happens if the first SOS contact does not answer the call when the SOS button is pressed?
You can pre-set up to 6 x SOS contacts on the device. If the first SOS contact does not answer the SOS call within 10 seconds, the device will end the call and then automatically dial the SOS contact # 2 and so forth until one of the SOS contacts answers the SOS call. Please note, the SOS contacts must press ‘1’ on their handset to acknowledge they have answered the SOS call, otherwise the device will end the call and automatically call the next SOS contact.
Can I setup the mCareMate myself and not pay the setup and activation fee?
No, we need to pre-install our mCare SIM card and pre-set all SOS contacts and ensure the device is working properly before we send it to our customers. Unlike other emergency alarms that allow you to configure and setup the device with SMS commands, we do not expose these SMS commands as it can be a security threat and expose your personal data.


How are credit card payments processed?
We use STRIPE as our online payment gateway. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your payment, please call 1300 188 557.
What details will appear on my credit card statement?
The name displayed on your transaction credit card statement will be ‘MCAREWATCH’
How will it be delivered?
We use Australia Post to deliver every order within Australia with a signature on delivery. If no one is home at the time of delivery, a card is left and the package will need to be collected from the nearest post office.
How long does it take from ordering and payment to receiving the mCareMate?
Once payment has been received and if you live on the Australian Eastern seaboard you will receive the device within seven (7) to ten (10) business days and up to ten (14) business days for deliveries to WA, SA and NT.


Will the mCareMate work overseas?
Yes the device will work overseas however, you will need to insert a separate SIM card with global roaming. Please note the mCare SIM card will not work overseas.
What happens to the service plan after 12 months?
The Service Plan, which includes the SIM card and access to the software (web portal and mobile app) for 12 months will need to be renewed for a further 12 months if you wish to continue to use the mCareMate.
What do I need to program and set up on the device before it is ready for use?
Nothing. We take care of everything for you! When you purchase the mCareMate, you will receive the device with a pre-installed SIM with the SOS contacts pre-programmed and ready for use when it arrives. Carers will be able to change and update the pre-programmed SOS contacts numbers anytime via the Carer’s ConnectiveCARE web platform.
What does my SIM card Data Plan include and what are my responsibilities?
The service plan includes a SIM card with 20 minutes of voice calls (outgoing) and 5MB of data per month. Additional charges apply if the device wearer exceeds these minimum thresholds.

IMPORTANT: All SIM cards are powered by the Telstra Mobile Network.


If I purchase the mCareMate and my father/mother moves into palliative care, can I cancel the service and receive a refund?
All purchases are final and no refund will be given for unused portions of your service plan.
Do I need a SIM card for the mCareMate?
Yes, without the SIM card, the device will not function. The SIM card is required for the SOS emergency voice calls and the data is needed to communicate with our platform.
How does the wearer activate the SOS emergency call?
The wearer can activate an SOS call by pressing and holding down the red SOS button on the device. The default setting for the SOS button is 2 seconds however, customers can adjust the sensitivity on the SOS button from 1 second, 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds, right up to 10 seconds. This can be setup and changed on the carer’s web portal.
Is it difficult to use the mCareMate?
The mCareMate is very easy to use for the wearer. All they will need to do is wear it either as a lanyard around the neck or on their belt (for a small additional fee, you can have a belt clip added onto the device). The device has its own mobile number that anyone can call and speak to the watch wearer. The SOS function is very simple to use and only requires the wearer to press the SOS button and the device will automatically call the pre-set SOS contacts.
How do I download the Carer Mobile App?
The Carer Mobile APP is available to download FREE via the APP Store for iPhone and via Google Play for Android smartphones by searching ‘mCareWatch’. Carers can connect with the device by simply downloading the mobile app on their smartphones.
How do I recharge the mCareMate battery and how long does to take to recharge?
The mCareMate comes with a magnetic recharging base station and a USB cable, which can be used with a standard adaptor to charge your device. Recharging time will take approximately 2-3 hours.
How does one make calls to the mCareMate?
The mCareMate has its own mobile number and provided your contact number has been pre-set on the device, you will be able to call the device. When the mobile number is called, the device will ring once and then the call is automatically answered by the device and you will be able to speak to the wearer.
How does the fall detection work?
When the mCareMate detects a sudden fall and no movement, it will start to beep 3 times and then automatically call the SOS contacts pre-set on the device. At the same time, the device will send an SMS message ‘Fall Detected’ to all nominated SOS contacts. Please note – carers with access to the web portal can adjust the sensitivity of the fall detection.
Does the mCareMate work outside my home?
Yes, the mCareMate works anywhere and anytime you have mobile phone coverage. Unlike traditional emergency pendants that are connected to a telephone landline and base station, the mCareMate works just like a mobile phone and can make emergency calls by simply pressing the SOS red emergency button.
Can I use my own SIM card?
No, we use a special SIM card that will always have credit for voice calls and data for emergency calls and tracking. If there is any problem with the SIM card we can fix this immediately and ensure the device is always functioning as required.
Is my personal information secure?
Yes all your personal information is secure. Unlike other emergency alarms that provide SMS commands in their user guides and manuals, we do not disclose this as this has the potential to threaten your privacy and security. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other person, body or agency unless:

  • You give us permission
  • It is authorised or required by law
  • It meets one of the other exceptions in the Australian Privacy Principles
Do I need to use the Mobile App?
The Carer’s Mobile APP will be required for family or friends that would like to connect with the device. When you download the Mobile APP (iOS and Google Play), as a carer you will be able to view the battery life remaining on the device and to view location of the device.
What is battery life and how often does the mCareMate need to be recharged?
The battery will last between 3 – 4 days depending on what features are active and the usage of the device. Please note, a poor mobile signal will also drain the battery and result in less than 3 days battery life.
How does the wearer make an outgoing call out from the mCareMate?
The mCareMate is a personal emergency alarm and can only make SOS calls from the device with all other outgoing calls restricted. Please note, if your contact number has been pre-set onto the device, you can call into the device and speak to the wearer.
Do I need to wear the mCareMate around the neck as a lanyard?
No, you also have the option to purchase the belt clip and wear the mCareMate on your belt rather than around the neck.
What happens if the device detects a fall but it’s a false alarm?
If the device detects a fall but it is a false alarm, the wearer can cancel the SOS call to the SOS contacts by simply pressing the red SOS button once. This will cancel the call.