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Gadgets for independent living – Safety first

Help your loved ones stay confident in later life and out of harm's way with the aid of these clever devices Australia's ageing population is consistently hitting new milestones; for the first time there are more  than 450,000 people in the 85-and-up club. What's...

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Aged care facilities tap into emergency watch

Two Sydney brothers have developed a world-first emergency watch for older patients, disabled people and people with disorders. The all-in-one waterproof smart phone, location tracker and emergency alarm uses GPS and WiFi, and is being used at several Australian aged...

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Diabetic Living Magazine

Gone are the days when all a watch did was tell the time. The SOS Mobile Watch, $499, has a phone, GPS and personal alarm for peace of mind. You can program it with personal emergency contact numbers, which it will dial at the touch of a button.

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