30 April 2020

Deborah: You may have known her as ‘Pat the Rat’ – Rowena Wallace is acting royalty in Australia, on shows like Sons and Daughters, with high drama. We loved it. It turns out Rowena loves listening to the show and tunes in and she’s been isolating at home in recent weeks because she’s get some health problems and apparently she heard about the mCareMate, which is a device we were talking about on Tech with Stephen Fenech. Rowena is now on the line, Rowena, hello to you.

Rowena: Oh, hello. I’m not a queen.

Deborah: Yes, you are.

Rowena: I’ve had some publicity, sometimes about the bad, sometimes about the good. But I’m just a normal woman.

Deborah:  Well that’s why we love you. Keeping it real and a treasure in this country. But tell us what happened here because you had a bad fall. 

Rowena: I did. I’ve got two gorgeous dogs and I walk almost every day and its difficult because I’m riddled with two types of arthritis. I had polio as a child and I’ve got the nasty scoliosis, which means I’ve got a very strange walk and a little unbalanced. I had a quite a bad fall and didn’t know quite what to do. I fell and hit my head on a tree root. I tripped over it, hit my head and let go of the dogs, which was the worse part. And anyway, I thought, God, what do I do now? I was a bit dizzy and in shock, but I got home and thought this is not good, because this has happened before.

Deborah:  It’s a worry and a concern isn’t it?

Rowena: Well it is. In the country walking in the grass is fateful, I mean fatal. And because as you said I heard about the mCareWatch and the pendant (mCareMate), and I thought if I had one of those when I have these walks, if it were much worse than that, I can press a button and someone will come and get me.

Deborah:  It’s fantastic.

Rowena: They’ll know where I am.

Deborah:  It’s got GPS tracking to so..

Rowena: Exactly.

Deborah:  They can find you very quickly. It’s something that Stephen Fenech was pushing and lots of listeners were very keen about and we did give it away, this mCareMate. Lots of people like you thought this is a great idea.

Rowena: Well I think its absolutely brilliant, because of the fact that, I know we’re all in isolation which is very boring at the moment but I do get out with the pups. And sometimes I do get wonky in the head these days, I sometimes walk and walk and forget where I am.

Deborah:  Oh, do you? God love you Rowena.

Rowena: And it would be wonderful to press the button and say: “I’m lost.”

Deborah:  Come and find me! Please help me.

Rowena: Come and find me!

Deborah:  You did have to use the mCareMate recently didn’t you?

Rowena: I did, I had another fall. And that really did some damage. I damaged my back and my head. I wasn’t in great shape, so I actually went to hospital that time, so it was wonderful, an ambulance came and got me, how brilliant is that?

Deborah:  And how are you doing now? Are you on the mend?

Rowena: I’m on the mend, much better, yes much better. I bless the mCare for that. I’ve got both the watch and the pendant (mCareMate). So you know, I’m greedy.

Deborah:  I think you’re sensible because its got you covered. With both.

Rowena: It’s got me covered and I walk with a stick and sometimes you trip over your stick, you know and all sorts of weird and wonderful things can happen. So now I don’t worry anymore because I know if something happens I know I’m OK. I can let somebody know and they will come and find me, that’s the most brilliant thing. Because normally I wouldn’t be able to tell anybody where I am/

Deborah:  No, well exactly.

Rowena: Because I forget the name of streets and you know all that sort of thing.

Deborah:  I’m glad you’re on the mend and that the mCare helped you out. And its lovely to hear that beautiful voice of yours – that distinctive voice, which we all know and love.

Rowena: Oh, thank you. I mean I really can’t say how thrilled I am, I can’t say enough how thrilled I am with them. Because they’ve my life so much easier and I can go out and not worry if I trip over tree branches, hit my head and do stupid things like that.

Deborah:  Well, take care, we need you to be as well as you possibly can and tell those lovely dogs to get out from under your feet. But thank you so much for joining us Rowena.

Rowena: Its been a pleasure, thank you.