By Natacha Maloon| 30 April 2020

Rowena Wallace on the moment that saved her life

Actress Rowena Wallace has reflected on the advice she received from Deborah Knight’s program that saved her life.

The Sons and Daughters star, 72, who has been isolating in rural Australia, appeared on 2GB’s Afternoons with Deborah Knight on April 30 to thank the journalist, radio host and Nine News presenter for preventing her from having a potentially “fatal” accident.

“I’ve got two dogs that I walk every day. I’m riddled with two types of arthritis. I had poleo as a child, and I’ve got a nasty scoliosis. I’ve got a very strange walk, so I’m a bit unbalanced. I had quite a bad fall. I didn’t know what to do,” Wallace said.

“I tripped over [a tree route] and let go of the dogs. I thought ‘What do I do now?’. I was in shock. But I got home, and I thought this isn’t good.”

Wallace regularly listens to Knight’s radio show and heard about the mCareWatch, a device which enables the elderly to sound the alarm when they’re in an emergency.

“I’d heard about the mCareWatch. If I had one of those on my walks, and it was much worse then that, I can press a button and someone can come and get me,” the Gold Logie winner recalled.

The actress recently had a health scare that sadly landed her in hospital. However, she was grateful that she had the device with her at the time.

“I had another fall, and it did some damage. I damaged my back, and my head. I wasn’t in great shape. I actually went to hospital that time. An ambulance came and got me. How brilliant is that?” she said.

Wallace said that she’s “on the mend now”, but devastated that her performance in the musical Secret Garden has been put on pause due to coronavirus restrictions.

“I was thrilled beyond words at the thought of being back on the stage again, and a fabulous cast,” she said. “I’m sorry for all the actors at the moment. At the best of times, it’s a shaky situation. You never quite know when your next job is coming. But now, at this time — it’s hideous.”https://celebrity.nine.com.au/latest/rowena-wallace-moment-saved-her-life-deborah-knight/ae3325bd-4250-4bbe-831c-63a76bf47fda