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mCareWatch offers access to affordable, easy-to-use assistive technology that helps manage dementia, disability, personal security and general health and wellbeing. Our products and services support both carers and those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, offering safety, security, independence and peace of mind.

At the centre of our offering is the ConnectiveCARE™ Digital Health platform. This links via the mCareWatch Smartphone app with a range of smart wearables, GPS trackers, biometric measuring devices and more.

Simply strap on a watch or plug in a blood pressure monitor and, through your app, you can access much, much more than what the device alone offers. Through the ConnectiveCARE platform you enter a world of vital information that empowers you to keep you or your loved one healthy, safe and secure.

You can “bring your own” compatible device or choose one from our range.

mCareWatch’s assistive technology supports the safety and wellbeing of people who have:


  • Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease

  • Disabilities such as autism, epilepsy or developmental disorders

  • Heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions that cause concern about wellbeing

  • Been recently discharged from hospital or are transitioning from hospital to home.

ConnectiveCARE™ Platform

When you link your mCareWatch wearable device, or other GPS tracker or medical and emergency alarm to our ConnectiveCARE platform, you can access a whole raft of additional information and features to help better monitor and manage health, safety and wellbeing.


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